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I swear I love five nights at pizza

cuz u get stuffed into the crust


hopebiscuit's version of FNAF's Foxy :D

because… I guess I was in the mood to draw a cute, animatronic killer maid

Originally I wanted to draw her run to the player at full speed and then say “AHOY MASTER IS THERE SOMETHING YOU WANT??” and he’s like “na I’m fine” and she just walks slowly back to the pirate cove

Foxy is hilarious tho. he looks always a bit derpy and when he runs at you it looks ridiculous

yoooo check on dat curtain in pirate cove son. There’s a cutie in there.

shiver my timber tambers.

thank u uncle >v<  the first image is adorable ROTFL OMG she’s like “sup?”

and the 2nddddd ahh it’s love. what a cutie patootie.


Along with the Spooky Party promo, three new plush were announced for release in Pokemon Centers on September 9th - Pumpkaboo, Mega Gengar and Shiny Mega Gengar.

These plush should be available for order through Sunyshore for those interested.