slowly slowly turning into a food blog…more like sweets.

omg i feel so faaaaat everytime i reblog a picture of food. ROTFL. Can’t help it tho. That stuff looks too good. inspiration to draw good foods.

I guess I spoke too soon about the icon. Thanks a ton! Now I just need to make my page match it!

you are welcomeee <33 oh man how cool would it be to do all the eeveelutions? on second thought i dont think i have the space! XD

Just changed it! Sorry, got caught up in a Pathfinder session.

no biggie >3< all updated <3 ur welcome <3

Skitty and female > A< OMGGGG ICONS KHFJKhsjkDgjkfsabgjkawrkvjrv

<33 u are welcome

Fluffy Swirlix Doodle. Her name is candy~

Pokemon Icons

Making 3 pokicons like mine for my followers <3

Send me a pm with the pokemon and gender!

Only making 3 atm~ they will go on my front page and link to ur blog, you don’t have to keep it on forever.

buddies get one automatically if u ask haha just let me know!



Baskin-Robbins JP “Halloween Sundaes” evoke spooky Halloween day and night, and will be available from 9/26

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make this go fucking viral

I’m on some dumb shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh