masamunemaniac sent: Maybe they used the blanket as a sack to carry everything out? Let's them take it all in one trip, and acts as a bit of padding to avoid breaking what they stole (it's not like they'd take the time to carefully load up their car with the stuff before going)? And sorry to hear this happened to you.

yeah my mom said that too. but idk why they’d need the pillows that seems like extra weight. not to mention a person carrying a big blanket full of stolen property looks damn suspicious and something out of a cartoon. -__- I’m just even more upset over the fact that I was saving up to buy my mother a birthday present. A legit birthday present. Now I have to use that money to replace the important shit i lost, I can live without the xbox but the stuff we take for granted like blankets, pillows and stuff ;A; so frustrating

… and yeah I saw some people unfollow me just now, i really hope that some people just deleted their blogs or something and that they didn’t unfollow me because I was talking about this. Because honestly if reading my misfortune was just too much of a hindrance to your daily blogging then I’d rather you DID unfollow me and get as far away from me as possible. But i’d rather still not think the worst of people.

So I returned to my house to find all of the lights on and various things in my house stolen. *My little house down at school.

I don’t know who to suspect. I do not know who it was and I don’t know when it happened, all i know is my xbox360 is gone, my microwave is gone, my blankets and pillows are gone, my radio is gone and who knows what else. All of my stuff was thrown everywhere. Who steals freakin blankets or petes sake?! I noticed they didn’t touch any of my cosplay stuff i’m thankful they left my dressform. But by the looks of it they didn’t have alot of time in my room as they didn’t find my psp and they didn’t steal my fridge.

I just can’t deal with this place anymore. But i’m so close to graduating i can’t just pick up and leave.

But idk it’s weird. Last night before i went to bed I had a startling thought. I was worried someone would break into my house. Because I knew that whenever someone moved out someone came in and cleaned up the place.

My roomate moved out so naturally i knew the cleaners would’ve been there to clean the empty room and they were. So I was concerned they might’ve left the door unlocked because they did that last time when my last roomate transferred to a new school.I was there to lock it back though…

I was so concerned about it that during the entire trip back to school I was anxious. I can’t remember ever feeling that concerned about that. I just fucking KNEW it. I had a feeling in my gut something was wrong back at school and it was. Never ignore your gut feelings.

I know it’s just things and they can be replaced but it’s something about feeling unsafe, like you don’t trust anything anymore.

I filed a report with the police but even they said it was little hope getting my stuff back and i probably won’t see it again.

Way to start of the new semester…


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